5 Website Design Trends for 2022

According to some research, you only have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression.

Because of that, it's important to keep up with website design trends to provide the best website experience for your users. Keep reading to discover the website design trends for 2022.

1. Collage Graphics

One of the most important design trends is collage graphics because they are aesthetic and practical. Collage graphics can incorporate many images into different interfaces and convey much more information.

BDX Omaha can use collage graphics in our web designs to tell a story about your website and business. We can also use different styles, shapes, textures, and colors that will help you showcase your brand and story.

2. Experimental Fonts

The experimental fonts are a fun way to test out bold typography that you might not have tried otherwise. More brands are using them, and they look great and keep attention on your new website.

Bold and fun fonts can make your brand stand out, and you can also experiment with different colors. If you aren't sure which font will be the best, you can use A/B testing to see which results perform well.

3. Chatbots

Chatbots are also relevant this year, and they'll continue to be popular in 2023 as well. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more sophisticated and intelligent resulting in accurate mimicking of human customer service agents.

Chatbots can enhance a customer's experience on your website and funnel customers into the sales process without the extra work from you.

4. Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling is another new and valuable trend that can help provide users with a more visual experience. It'll give users more space on the page and make it easier to improve your customer's user experience.

The horizontal scrolling can also be great if you have larger, interactive elements like maps. The BDX Omaha web developers will ensure that these interactive elements work on your mobile designs also!

If these elements and effects aren't implemented correctly, users may experience usability issues. You may want to try enabling it on your webpage and use heat maps to analyze how your customers interact with the page.

Once you have that data, you can improve the experience.

5. Scrolling Text

Scrolling text is great as long as it's readable. Sometimes it can help encourage the user to engage with your website, improving your SEO ranking.

You should experiment with different ways the text could be interactive but ensure that it serves a purpose and helps customer engagement.

Discover More Website Design Trends for 2022

These are only a few website design trends for 2022, but there are many more that you might want to implement.

If you need help with website design, then BDX Omaha can help you!

We can help you design your website, improve your SEO, use Google ads, and set up emails, domains, and all things you'll need to run a successful e-commerce store.

Check out our website to get help with all of these elements!

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