BDX Omaha PPC Management

The BDX Omaha PPC/Google Ads management team has over 24 years of experience, providing PPC services since before Google was founded. The BDX Omaha Google Ads management team was identified by Google as a top 3% performer. This identification was determined based on the quality of the campaigns we build, and the volume of budget that we manage.

Consequently, BDX Omaha has access to unique tools and support not accessible to other Google Ads management companies. With $8 million of managed PPC budget each year, we offer an experienced and skilled team capable of operating highly efficient and productive Google Ads campaigns. BDX Omaha focuses on bottom-line metrics; optimizing Google Ads campaigns to maximize advertising ROI.

Our campaigns are created and managed per Google Ads standards and best practices and our Google Ads management team is certified by Google. We have a direct relationship with Google which includes Google representatives who will assist us if and when needed. This ensures that we are aware of the latest Google Ads advances, that we receive campaign performance assistance and that our requests are expedited by Google. Our PPC management team includes engineers and marketing professionals, allowing for a deep skill set that addresses (1) technical data analysis as well as (2) effective consumer communications.

1) Technical Capabilities: Deep understanding of the optimization process, using Google Ads and Analytics data to maximize ROI. All Google Ads resources will be used as needed, including bid optimization, mobile vs. PC optimization, time of day, day of week, geo-targeting, ad performance, ad delivery strategy and other key metrics. KPIs and other performance data are extracted for campaign reports and meetings and are used to drive ongoing performance improvements. 2) Consumer Communications: Our experienced marketing experts at BDX Omaha are responsible for identifying target keywords that are inclined to produce sales. Along with keyword identification, high-performance ads are crafted and tested. Our team is responsible for creating ad and keyword content that will interest consumers and maximize click-through Rates and Sales.

Our Google Ads management process begins with interviewing our clients (that's you) and reviewing their website to learn their industry, interests and goals. With this information, combined with our 24 years of experience, we then construct the Google Ads campaign. Once the campaign goes live and performance data is received, our team uses data on an ongoing basis to optimize the campaign and maximize ROI.

While many Google Ads management companies use software to automatically manage campaigns, we manually manage Google Ads. Our Google Ads management professionals here at BDX Omaha work directly within the Google Ads accounts, making decisions, finding trends, testing, interpreting data and collaborating directly with Google. Google Ads management software creates lazy campaign managers that rely on software to control accounts. Humans are still better at managing Google Ads than software, so our process ensures higher-level performance, fewer mistakes and improved communications.

Google Ads Management Tasks: Google Ads is complex, requiring considerable experience and technical skill to manage successfully. We take a comprehensive approach to Google Ads management, optimizing each component to ensure maximum performance. We then closely monitor the campaign to catch performance drifts and performance fine-tuning.

  • Initial account creation includes configuring the campaign settings, building AdGroups, creating ads, keyword research and adding keywords, location targeting, delivery schedules, mobile vs. PC adjustments, etc. This builds the initial environment to launch the campaign and to begin generating clicks.

  • Installation of Google Ads conversion tracking code to provide the data needed to optimize Google Ads and determine an advertising ROI.

  • Creation of a negative keyword list, enduring that the wrong keywords are not used.

  • Addition of new search phrases based on what is and is not already successful.

  • Keyword bid adjustments based on the performance of each individual keyword.

  • Ad adjustments based on the performance of each individual ad. Replacing low-performance ads with new versions similar to high-performing ads.

  • Adjusting bids for the time of day and day of week that ads are displayed. Adjusting bids for the type of device being used: PC vs. Mobile vs. Tablet. Adjusting bids based on geotargeting (Zip, City, State, Country). Scheduled monthly Google Google Ads campaign report.

  • Campaign Transparency: We don't have secrets and warmly share our knowledge and strategies with our clients and we allow our clients to directly access the Google Ads campaign. Account ownership belongs to our client; we only manage the campaign on their behalf. We openly engage with our clients to try new ideas, pursue new goals and benefit from our client's deep understanding of their own industry.

Beardman Design Case Studies Medical Mastermind: Six national PPC management firms were selected to compete for their business. Our BDX Omaha PPC team persevered, outperforming established digital marketing brands like Orange Soda, and winning the contract. Over the course of several months we reduced the cost-per-lead by 50% while producing double the volume of leads as our predecessor.

Tweetys: As a leading provider of RV and camping accessories, Tweetys was looking to keep their competitive edge. Tweetys has offered online sales since 1997, and tested the Google Ads management capabilities of countless agencies. Disappointed with their prior Google Ads manager, Tweetys turned to the BDX Omaha team for improvements. They were immediately impressed, seeing decisive improvements. Today, Tweetys' Google Ads campaign is a major contributor toward their overall total sales.

Qualified for the Job The BDX Omaha Google Ads management team has frequently been awarded various performance-based prizes by Google. Our Google Ads management team is Google Certified, and we have a direct working relationship with Google Ads staff. However, we represent our Client's interests, and not Google's interests. Each campaign we build it to drive sales for our Clients, rather than to generate income for Google. Our loyalties are entirely vested into our Clients.

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