Paid Social Ads with BDX Omaha

Increase your brand’s visibility, and user engagement, and obtain qualified leads with our paid social advertising marketing services. Facebook Ads allows for granular targeting to a large audience and considerable flexibility in how that audience is reached. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can establish your company as a trusted resource both online and off while also generating inbound sales leads. BDX Omaha facilitates all steps for a social media ads campaign, from strategy, creative development (ads and video), audience targeting, lead capture, and ongoing maintenance. We also can manage your social ads campaign to allow for considerable flexibility. We can increase or decrease your monthly budget or pause and restart your campaign with short notice. You have complete control of marketing when, where, and how much as needed to best accommodate your business. The core BDX Omaha paid social media campaign is designed to drive your message to a receptive audience while accomplishing your goals. Targeting can include many factors, and your target audience can grow over time. An added benefit is that paid social media ads help with generating inbound sales leads and inbound links to your website which can enhance your brand recognition and search engine ranking potential.

Paid Social Media Management Tasks:

  • Creation of your social media platforms if they have not already been created.

  • Identification of your target audiences

  • Creation of your Facebook Ad campaign.

  • Creation of content and media (images, video, content.) to engage your audience and produce results.

  • Implementation of Facebook Ads pixel tracking.

  • Campaign management will be executed in a manner that also benefits brand recognition and SEO

  • Cycling in new content and images so that ads do not go stale for their target audiences.

  • Social media ad posts will be both professional and engaging.

  • We can work autonomously, or address your specific requests

Campaign Flexibility: Campaigns can be crafted to accommodate four different marketing strategies. This includes Sales Lead Generation, Customer Engagement, Website Traffic, and Conversion Campaigns.

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