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Without SEO, Customers Won’t Find Your Local Restaurant on the Internet

BDX Omaha offers premier SEO services for local restaurants. Learn more about how to improve your online presence today!

Does your local restaurant need SEO? The answer is — without a doubt! At BDX Omaha, we help local restaurants tell their story and grow their presence through tested marketing strategies and premium branding. A key component of a successful growth marketing strategy is SEO - search engine optimization.

To increase the online visibility of your restaurant, and to improve its position in online searches, it is necessary to optimize the content of your website. But why does this matter if your diners are from the local area? Word of mouth and personal recommendations are important, but Google has done the math and determined that 46% of all searches target local businesses. Restaurants who want to grow beyond their established clientele and compete in today’s competitive food industry need to appear in those searches.

SEO strategies get your business noticed. Studies have shown that 88% of people who search for local businesses on their mobile devices often visit that location within 24 hours of their search. SEO has the power to garner the attention of customers who might live just outside your service area or have recently moved to the neighborhood. By showcasing your restaurant in the search engine, future customers become aware of your location and will click the link to your website to find out what they can expect by visiting your restaurant. You’re able to tell your food story before they even walk in the door!

With SEO, you forge a relationship with potential diners by providing them with the information they need to inform their decisions, and to set them up for a positive dining experience. SEO searches are based on relevance, prominence, and distance — and you want your restaurant to be at the top of the search list when prospective customers search for a new, local dining experience.

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