SEO vs. PPC—Can They Work Together?

Search engine optimization versus pay-per-click advertising…do these two digital marketing strategies perform better independently, or can they work together?

The truth is that there isn’t a simple yes or no answer to this question. Every business is unique, and its unique circumstances need to be considered when developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, understanding that there is no magic formula and that all strategies must be tested, proven, and adjusted over time. However, there are factors to consider when making marketing decisions and determining if SEO, PPC, or a combination of the two services is beneficial for your business.

A business that is completely focused on local customers and has found its niche with little competition might need only a few new leads per week to grow its business. A local business can be found through organic, local searches and attain good visibility with minimal costs using a local SEO strategy. A larger business that is in direct competition with large, reputable, global companies such as popular e-commerce stores or worldwide retailers is less likely to find success with only local SEO. A corporate, national, or e-commerce SEO strategy works best for large, national businesses. These businesses also do better by combining a corporate SEO strategy with PPC or pay-per-click advertising.

When SEO and PPC work together, they maximize results better than when used alone. When the two marketing strategies are used simultaneously, they yield many desirable benefits such as :

● Data from PPC can be used to refine SEO strategies, and vice versa

● Keywords are identified to use in SEO and can be tested for PPC

● Targeting high-performing keywords can be used to increase traffic in both SEO and PPC

● Relevant keywords that might not translate to PPC conversions can be used in SEO

● PPC can be used to kick-start a digital marketing campaign while SEO works toward long-term growth

From a strategic perspective, driving conversions and increasing website traffic can be accomplished with a strategy that utilizes both SEO and PPC. Depending on your specific goals, BDX Omaha can recommend the most appropriate digital marketing strategy and develop a customized campaign to help you reach your goals. Contact our Omaha digital marketing specialists today to learn more or to receive a free quote!

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