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BDX Omaha is an industry-leading SEO firm backed by some of the leading digital marketing talent in the world. Each website we design has a strong SEO infrastructure, ensuring that it has the framework necessary to support future SEO efforts. Many web design firms do not understand the inner working of the search engines, and consequently, build websites that may hinder SEO efforts. We also understand that website traffic does not always begin at your home page. By building higher-end internal pages, overlooked by other designers, we can boost both search ranking opportunities and conversion rates. A BDX Omaha website has more to offer than our competitor's designs.

At BDX Omaha, we also understand that it is important for businesses to be able to access and interact with their own website. Our design offers an intuitive backend CMS platform through WordPress to simplify the editing process for our Clients. Other functions are also streamlined, like making website backups, building new web pages, adding/replacing images, and other common website maintenance tasks. We will be available to make adjustments for you when requested, but we encourage you to be engaged with your website as well.

How It Works: We will first collaborate with you to understand the functionality and aesthetics you are looking for with your design. BDX Omaha then creates a web development link and will build a home page and interior page for your review. After we receive your feedback, and requested adjustments are made, we "lock in" the approved look and layout, then complete the web design-build. You can always check in on our work and progress through the development link we provide you. We may also need resources from you, including images, logos, or content. Once the design is completed, we will make our final edits as requested. Testing then begins to ensure that all functionality is working properly, including web forms and special features. The website will then be moved to a permanent web hosting space. If you are hosting with us, we will include secure SSL hosting at no additional charge, as well as page speed load enhancements. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for missing design timelines if the scope of the design changes while the design is in progress, or if resources are not provided to us that are needed for the design. We will let you know if we are needing resources from you.

Website Design Tasks performed by BDX Omaha:

  • DESIGN CREATIVE DISCOVERY - Discussion with the Client (that's you) to understand design goals, colors, layouts, and other visual design elements. Often Clients present website designs they like, so we can better understand preferences and website capabilities.

  • DESIGN FUNCTIONALITY DISCOVERY - Discussion with Client to understand general website functionality needs and the overall purpose/goals of the website.

  • WORDPRESS DESIGN PLATFORM - WordPress website design using modern licensed templates and plugins.

  • RESPONSIVE DESIGN - Construction of a responsive website, allowing it to adjust to various screen resolutions, including mobile devices, PCs, and tablets.

  • FAST LOAD TIMES - We will implement industry best-practices to help page load times. Our capability to enhance load times increases if we host your website due to special page load enhancements we can access.

  • MODERN DESIGN - Adaptations of modern design techniques, including aesthetics and best-practices.

  • SEO-FRIENDLY INFRASTRUCTURE - Web design infrastructure that is SEO-friendly: search engine indexing and crawling, no search-SPAM, proper rendering by search engines.

  • WEBSITE ACCESS & INTERACTION - Access to website administration resources to interact with the website: updates, adding pages, making edits.

  • CONTENT CREATION - Creation of original content pages just the way you want them.

  • IMAGES and GRAPHICS - BDX Omaha has access to a library of millions of usable images to use for your design. We can also recycle images from a prior design owned by you.

  • WEB PAGE CREATION - Construction of separate web pages. Additional pages can be created to meet your needs. We can create all the content for as many pages as needed and we can reuse content from an old version of your website, or implement content that you provide, at no extra charge.


Functionality includes web pages that provide content, contact and/or subscription forms, and navigation. Special functionality requiring WordPress plugins is always available and the options are almost endless. These can include scheduling/booking resources, eCommerce capability, or real estate IDX feeds.

  • BOOKING/SCHEDULING FUNCTIONALITY - A booking or scheduling resource can be included with the web design, allowing for web visitors to interact with the website to schedule a meeting, demo, or book resources such as lodging.

  • MLS/IDX FUNCTIONALITY - A real estate MLS/IDX resource can be included, adding MLS listing data to the website. Monthly fees associated with the MLS and IDX licensing will be carried over to the Client at cost.

  • E-COMMERCE CAPABLE - Installation and configuration of the WooCommerce e-commerce platform within WordPress. We are able to set up as many SKU's as necessary.

Beardman Design Web Hosting

WEBSITE HOSTING - We provide a superior hosting environment with backend security features not typically available through standard hosting data centers.

  • FREE Secure (SSL) hosting certificate. Saves you over $50/year.

  • Allocates up to 4GB of hard drive space

  • 500MB of server memory, which is adequate for most medium-sized companies.

  • Daily backups are stored for up to 15 days.

  • Offsite backup retained for remote long-term storage.

  • Servers are not overloaded with too many websites, ensuring they always load quickly.

  • Upgrade options are available per request including:

  • Daily backups for one month.

  • Four monthly backups (stored remotely).

  • Site security and recovery packages.

  • Site maintenance plans.

*Note: Support services are available without a maintenance or security plan if the website breaks, is compromised, or is hacked. High server demand requires a custom hosting plan. EMAIL HOSTING - Available for $20/month per address. Includes webmail anti-SPAM.

Beardman Design Security & Maintenance

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE - General website maintenance to keep WordPress templates and plugins up-to-date. WEBSITE UPDATE - Up to one hour per month of website updates as requested by the Client. WEBSITE SECURITY - Implementation of anti-virus and anti-hacking tools to minimize site vulnerabilities. WEBSITE BACKUPS - Daily backups for 30 days and monthly backups for 4 months. Website backups are archived offsite to ensure maximum safety. *Note: Maintenance and security services are only available for WordPress sites hosted by BDX Omaha.

email us at hello@bdxomaha.com to get started!

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